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For any lost items including keys, phones, wallets, IDs, earrings, makeup bags, money (good luck) & whatever else you clearly don't value deeply enough, please visit the bar & ask if we can save you from yourself.

Give Us a Call
After 12 years of business, we've learned that nothing good comes from a bar having a phone or voicemail box. Feel free to Yelp your feelings.

Email Us
Questions on an upcoming event?
Want to try and secure a table for your party at happy hour?
Would you like to book your holiday private event?
Feel free to email. 
Send over your inquiries & be sure to include relevant information such as the date, time, expected attendance & event type.
For private parties, at least one month advance is required. 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Work Application

Want to join the fun? Click below to submit your application & resume so we can see if your vibe matches ours...

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